Best Dry Kitten Food

Best Dry Kitten Food

What are the Top Dry Food Brands for Kittens?

Dry meals are often administered to kittens alongside wet meals.

Cat owners can give dry foods to their felines during any time of the day, it’s called free-feeding.

Mealtime is the perfect time to feed wet meal to kittens. Drier foods, however, are the ideal free-feeding meals because their storage mechanisms favor storage for weeks without compromising their potency.

A dry meal should contain a perfect balance of nutrients, and most importantly, a higher percentage of fats and protein-based elements that guarantee faster growth and development, as well as healthier kittens.

Cats scarcely need carbohydrates in their diets.  Regardless, the nutrient helps provide extra energy for the kitty, but most fundamentally, comes in handy in binding the granules of kitten food.

Despite their general significance, dry foods come in different packaging, and composition, depending on caloric mass and quality of ingredients.

When administering dry food to your kitten, ensure you’ve checked the caloric mass on the package labeling, to grasp a better understanding of the mass, and how the meal should be apportioned in a quantity that’s best for the kitten.

Nonetheless, some foods have lower caloric masses, not due to the presence of too much filler, but because the granules get prepared under lesser pressure.

Therefore, to avoid making any confusions or assumptions, you should always conduct some in-depth research before deciding which dry foods to pick for your little buddy.

We studied different versions of dry meals and how they’ve performed over the years, their consistencies in quality, composition, and caloric mass, and came up with this list of the best five dry foods every cat owner should consider for their little pets.

Hill’s Science Diet -TOP PICK5 out of 5 stars
Blue Buffalo Wilderness4.7 out of 5 stars
Royal Canin4.5 out of 5 stars
Purina ONE4.3 out of 5 stars
Iams Proactive4.2 out of 5 stars

1. Hill’s Science Diet

Kittens get very active in their first few weeks. You’ll need a wholesome meal to keep up with their playful lifestyles.

Hill’s Science Diet food is a dry meal prepared with the dexterous kitten in mind. The meal is carefully made to cater to the developmental requirements of little felines, and give them the perfect beginnings to grow to healthy cats.

The DHA in Hill’s Science Diet gets sourced from oils of fish. It’s beneficial in facilitating the healthy development of the brain as well as improvement in eyesight.

All the ingredients are sourced from high-quality proteins, to promote faster muscle growth in kittens.


  • The dry meal gets prepared in the USA, with potent, safe and natural ingredients from around the world.
  • Minerals in the diet offer kittens stronger bones and healthier teeth.
  • The DHA obtained out of fish oil promotes faster brain development and improvement in vision in kittens.


  • Adverse effects on the kitten include tummy upsets and sickness.

2. Blue Buffalo Wilderness

The Buffalo Wilderness High Protein dry food for kittens contains ARA and DHA, which are vital amino acids, usually found in breast milk. The components help with eyesight and brain development in little kitties.

Besides, the high protein content in the diet promotes the faster growth of muscles, to make kittens stronger.

Actual meat is the main ingredient in the Buffalo Wilderness meal. It’s a significant source of protein and thus a contributor in the fast growth and development of kittens.

Aside from proteins, the meal consists of carbohydrates that supplement proteins in providing the energy needed for playing, growth and development.

Grains are not helpful to kittens. Luckily, Blue Wilderness is a grain-free meal.

A unique formula known as Lifesource bits is a blend of essential minerals, antioxidants and vitamins, mixed in equal proportions to boost the immune development of kittens and create a balance in their oxidative systems.


  • Blue Cat gets sourced from purely natural ingredients. It’s a grain-free dry meal.
  • Lifesource bits promotes a healthy immune system as well as a balanced oxidative structure.
  • A significant amount of proteins gets supplied to the kitten through actual meat. Also, the addition of carbohydrates creates a better chance of improving tissue growth.


  • The price of the Blue Buffalo is a bit higher compared to other premium dry foods.
  • Some kittens experience diarrhea and upset stomach for a few days, after ingesting the meal.

3.Royal Canin

Royal Canin is a brand that has dedicated its resources to finding the perfect dry meal for your cats, at any stages of their growth.

Cats will choose to nibble the dry food, depending on how tasty it is.

Royal Canin dry meals are the right combinations of tasty foods, and multiple bodybuilding nutrients that co-function to not only provide an alluring flavor for the cat to enjoy but also a balanced nutrition that’s vital for a healthy lifestyle.

This specially formulated version of Royal Canin caters to kittens between 4 months and 12 months.


  • The meal is a combination of prebiotics, fibers, and essential proteins that work together to improve the digestive tracts of kittens.
  • Vitamins, proteins and minerals provide kittens with the required energy to grow exponentially.
  • The kibbles in the Royal Canin dry meal are small, soft, and their texture makes it easier for kittens to chew.
  • Vitamins and antioxidants boost the development of the immune system.


  • Royal Canin has received a lot of positive reviews from cat owners. The only problem is their unfriendly price range, which, for some buyers, is a bit high.

4. Purina ONE

This dry meal from Purina consists of chicken flavor, a natural protein and the primary ingredient.

Purina is a pet-food brand that prepares and distributes quality kitten food around the world. The company had gained the trust of pet owners, thanks to their consistency in quality control.

After administering the Purina ONE to your kitten, positive changes will begin to manifest in less than four weeks. The cat’s coat turns shiny, eyes become brighter, and the gums and teeth not only become healthier but also more robust.

Unique formulas are integrated into the primary ingredients to create an efficacious blend that will improve the overall health of the kitten.

Zero fillers are included in the Purina ONE meal, as everything gets sourced from natural minerals, nutrients and vitamins.


  • The richness in protein guarantees an energetic and healthy cat in the long run. The essential proteins in the meal are actual meat, fish, or poultry.
  • The minerals, nutrients, and vitamin essentials are all sourced from natural ingredients.
  • Unique formulas are combined to come up with different tasty recipes and flavors that your kitty will love.


  • The Purina Formula is quite expensive.

5. Iams Proactive

Animal proteins are the perfect sources of calories needed by the cat for healthy development and the normal functioning of chemical body processes.

Iams Proactive formulas constitute natural, high-quality animal proteins that do not contain synthetic preservatives.

Aside from being a completely healthy meal, the formula is the safest dry meal owing to the absence of synthesized dyes, wheat, as well as chemically-enhanced preservatives.

The Proactive formula does not contain fillers. With its wide variety of custom-prepared recipes to suit different kittens, balanced nutrition guarantees a healthy cat.

The meal does not cater to a specific class of kitten. Cats grow in stages. Iams Proactive has developed formulas to suit kittens and older cats according to their variations in age and nutritive needs.


  • The meal will cure hairball in kittens, improve their urinary tract development and facilitate healthier digestion. The tailoring will meet the specialized requirements of all felines.
  • Taurine promotes better eyesight in cats.
  • Vitamin E and other specialized nutrients help in healthy bone formation and development.


  • Some cats don’t like the flavor of the Iams Proactive dry meal.

Factors to consider when choosing dry meals for kittens

Unlike wet meals, drier foods have higher nutritional compositions, and thus are more effective in bodybuilding, the growth of tissues, and propagation of chemically-initiated mechanisms, for physiological processes.

Choosing the best type of dry meal guarantees a healthy kitten, not only in the present but also for years to come, and that is, until the kitten grows to adulthood.

When you find a meal with an adequately balanced apportioning in texture, calories, taste, and with natural and active ingredients, look no farther.

Nonetheless, finding such a blend in one meal is a hectic process, but when you do, consider your adventure worthwhile.

Dry meals account for 75% of the total food cat owners give to their little buddies. You must feed your kitten high-quality dry food, to promote the healthy development of body tissues, as well as overall growth.

Here is a detailed guide explaining the factors to consider when purchasing a dry meal, the foods to go for, those to avoid and everything else you ought to know when taking care of your kitten.

The granule texture

Kittens have delicate mouths and digestive systems. Sharp and rough kibble can cause early injury to your little pal, because the sharp ends of the granules may dig deep into the gums surrounding the teeth.

Go for a dry meal that is made up of small, soft and smooth kibbles, so that chewing for your kitten becomes as enjoyable as swallowing the masticated protein.

Besides, crunchier kibble can help minimize tartar in kittens. It’s still debatable, but, with the right selection, your cat will enjoy a crunchy and delicious meal any time of the day or night.

Calorie mass

Kittens tend to move around a lot. Unlike their older selves, which are usually lazier and in a sleeping mode for the better parts of the day, younger felines are energetic and vibrant.

For this reason, kittens require foods with higher caloric content, as their nutritive values contain more energy-giving amino acids.

Calories from animal protein provide kittens with energy or fuel needed for the regular running of body processes and physical activity, such as playing, running and generally, moving around regularly.

Dry meals are more effective in giving kitten energy and calories, that’s why free-feeding your little friends with dry foods comes with health benefits.

However, free-feeding should not continue into the adult life of your kitty.

When kittens grow older, don’t forget to change their feeding habits from free-feeding to twice or thrice in a day, to avoid overfeeding problems.

What are the nutrients contained in the meal’s ingredients?

Checking the list of ingredients on the package labelling will save you and your feline a lot of trouble after purchasing the dry meal.

Several constituents are critical for the growth and development of kittens. Taurine, for example, helps significantly with improved eyesight and sharper development of the brain.

Vitamin C, if combined with Vitamin E, helps to keep a healthy immunity, as well as a guaranteed stable metaphysical development.

Make sure there are no types of preservatives, synthesized dyes, colors or flavors with chemical composition in the dry meal bag you purchased.

A healthy kitty meal bag with natural preserving agents will keep the kibbles unspoiled and potent until the last comminute is gobbled up by the kitten.

Actual meat is the number one recommended primary ingredient for any dry meal. Protein from real beef contains a higher level of nutrients compared to a plant protein.

Grain-free kibbles are also useful in terms of potency because felines scarcely require grains in their diets.

However, the kibble in a dry meal cannot get formed without some carbohydrate. Non-grain carbs, like sweet potatoes, are used to replace grains and help with the formation of kibble.


Kittens sometimes prefer eating wet meals to drier ones because of the difference in flavors.

When choosing dry meals, pick formulas that have alluring flavors, as kittens prefer tastier meals to those that have little or no taste. Otherwise, the kitty will just ignore the food plate the entire day.

Besides, avoid meals that have been artificially flavored. These foods have alluring tastes but contain synthetic elements that may affect the well-being of your kitten.

Kittens being natural felines, will go for real foods that are more appealing to their tasting buds.

Real meat happens to be one of the staple foods of carnivores. A dry meal with actual meat as the primary ingredient is utterly delicious for any kitten.


Price is a significant factor when it comes to the choice of not only dry but also wet foods. Most dry foods are cheaper compared to wet foods.

Nonetheless, dry meals are available in different price ranges. If you intend to pick the best dry meal for your feline, you should consider investing more in a pricier and high-quality brand.

Generally, manufacturers spend plenty of time and resources in creating perfect blends of quality and nutritive value.

A dry meal with a better composition of constituents and nutrients will cost higher than a meal with little nutrients to offer.

The budget you are planning on plays a significant part in the choice of food for your kitten.

When purchasing dry kitten meals, ensure they cater to specifically young kitties, or kittens in their different stages of development. Avoid a dry meal meant for adult kitties.

Feeding the kitten

Most cat owners are usually worried about the frequentness of feeding their little pals in the first few weeks of their growth.

A kitten will grow very fast and change so much in just a matter of months. In the first half-year of their growth, make sure you’re administering a regular four-meal course each day.

However, you can allow the kittens to nibble some dry snacks any time during the day because they use up so many calories in just growing and jumping around when playing.

When the six or so months are over, you can decide to reduce the apportionment rate by cutting down the four-course meal to a two-course. At this time, the growth and development speeds have slowed down, and thus a heavy meal would be considered overfeeding.

Another decent feeding option would be keeping the feeding bowl out in the open, with a substantial amount of quality dry food, to provide a reliable feeding experience based on the cat’s preferable feeding mechanism.

Some felines prefer grazing around compared to having fixed times for feeding.

Is dry food for your kitten tested and approved?

Make sure you’ve carefully checked the labelling of your kitty’s dry food for approval trademarks before purchasing it.

Government trademarks and veterinary-approved labels are the most common. The lifecycle label is another type of mark.

Unlike the veterinary and state-approved labels which indicate the safety and potency of the dry meal and whether or not it’s safe to feed the cat, the lifecycle label is not a mark of quality but rather, a specification providing for the age range that particular meal should be administered.

Why should you purchase a dry meal that bears an approval brand by the state or veterinary department?

The departments that provide approvals for different types of cat foods, such as the AAFCO, are well endowed in terms of resource, expert knowhow and the experience needed to test and determine the quality and safety of kitten food, and ensure the food is healthy for any kitten.

Human foods that are unsafe for kittens

We sometimes feed the remnants of our staple foods to our cats and kittens. Some foods are safe and healthy, while some are extremely dangerous and can lead to complications when ingested by a kitty.

Onions and garlic contain strong chemicals that can upset the stomach of your little friend.

Coffee, teas, chocolates, and caffeinated drinks can rapidly increase the heartbeat of a kitten and eventually lead to a heart complication.

Some raw foods, such as eggs, fish, beef, and salmon contain higher protein levels. Nonetheless, in natural form, they may contain harmful parasites such as the Salmonella, which are dangerous, especially for a kitten.

Besides, several dairy elements are likely to cause diarrheal problems in kittens.

The risk of adopting a homemade diet

A few cat owners prefer to create their diets at home, to provide a boosted and healthy head-start for the little one.

It’s quite challenging to get it right when administering homemade meals to kittens. Finding the right balance in all the essentials needed for healthy development in a kitten is no mean feat.

A majority of cat owners who are feeding their kittens with home-based diets believe that a great deal of proteins in the meal helps with balanced nutrition and healthy growth.

Nonetheless, focusing too much on proteins can cause an imbalance in the nutritive intake. It’s easier for a kitten to suffer from a deficiency, owing to the imbalance in the apportionment of vital necessities for growth and development.

Is my kitten an adult cat already?

Kittens are fully-grown adults the moment they pass the 12-month age mark. As soon as the cat’s passed this age, you should change the diet from a kitten’s dry food to an adult dry meal.

Make sure that the cat still receives a well-balanced diet, with all the essential nutrients in place.

By examining the lifecycle labelling on the food packaging, you’ll know exactly which types of food to consider for your kitty’s age.


High-quality meals are beneficial in the early years of a kitten’s life.

Foods that are rich in animal protein, such as meat, guarantee a potent supply of nutrients that can only be derived from actual meat and not plant protein.

Besides, kittens need fats that provide energy for physiological body processes as well as regular body activity when playing and moving about.

Ensure that the kitty gets vital bodybuilding elements, such as Vitamins E, A, and C, and taurine. Also, DHA is critical in improving brain development and strengthening eyesight.

Royal Canin Feline Dry Food is the best dry meal, for any kitten in any lifecycle.

Vitamins are blended with antioxidants, to create a unique combination of essentials that can support the frail developing immune systems of kittens, and make them stronger.

Besides, easily digestible fibers, prebiotics and proteins are included in the meal to help in better development of the digestive tracts of older kittens.

With the potent mixture of vitamins, proteins and minerals, Royal Canin is the most perfectly sustaining dry meal for kittens, as it guarantees satisfaction of the high-energy requirements of an ever-energetic kitten.

What are you waiting? Hurry and grab the affordable Royal Canin from your local pet’s food dealer or favorite online store, and witness the remarkable benefits and satisfaction that come with the world’s number one dry kitten meal!

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