About Us

About Us

Mary Anne has been rescuing orphaned kittens for over 15 years now. She realized quite some time ago, that by sharing her knowledge online, this might prevent some people from experiencing the heartache of making the wrong decisions in regards to kitten care that she herself experienced early on. While working with TheCatSite.com she came in contact with another cat rescuer who also specializes in orphan kitten care. The two became fast friends.

Tania, in her corner of the world (Western Australia) has rescued well over one-hundred abandoned and orphaned kittens. Tania’s specialty is preemies. Under her skilled and capable hands, and centered in her love for these health-compromised tiny beings, her premature kittens defy the odds and grow up strong and healthy. Then Tania finds them good forever homes.

The two women got together originally to write an article and then found between the two of them that the article kept getting longer. Finally Anne Moss, webmaster of TheCatSite.com read the finished article and suggested a website. Thanks to Anne’s fine art of design and layout – this website came into being.

So three cat-lovers, all living in separate parts of the world – Oregon, Western Australia and Israel have combined all their talents and are very honored to present to you www.kitten-rescue.com

The pictures you see on these pages were contributed by Mary Anne, Tania and Scott, a fellow rescuer. All pictures are copyrighted to their owners and cannot be used or re-published without prior written agreement of the owner.


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