Best Kitten Dewormer

Best Kitten Dewormer

Top Worm Medicine for Kittens

A worm infestation in a kitten can cause serious health problems in the little one, just like it would in an infant.

Kittens contract parasites in many different ways. Luckily, veterinarians come up with lasting treatment solutions for various infections.

A good kitten dewormer works effectively to eliminate the specific type of parasite or worm infecting the kitten.

Most kitten deworming options contain one or two active constituents that handle different types of worms at a go. When choosing a dewormer, make sure the ingredients used are reliable enough to tackle the levels of infection in your kitty.

The most common types of internal parasites in kitten include hookworms, tapeworms, and roundworms that mostly affect the intestinal tracts and digestive systems.

Before purchasing any dewormer, make sure you gain enough knowledge on the type of infestation affecting your kitten, and the different parasites feeding off the energy and nutrients in your little feline.

Essential of all, keep your kittens healthy and free from worm infestation, by feeding them clean and quality kitten food. Supplying your kitten with fresh food recommended for use by vets will save you the entire trouble of looking for a suitable deworming treatment.

We conducted some research on the different types of worms and the perfect treatment plans for each of them and came up with this top-five list of the best options to consider for kittens suffering from severe as well as mild worm infestations.

Bayer Tapeworm -TOP PICK5 out of 5 stars
Bayer Drontal4.7 out of 5 stars
Excel Roundworm4.5 out of 5 stars
ProSense4.3 out of 5 stars
HomeoPet WRM4.2 out of 5 stars

1. Bayer Tapeworm

Bayer Tapeworm dewormers work best in younger kittens, aged between two and six weeks. Manufacturers designed the dewormer in the form of tablets. So far, the medication proves useful when administered.

Besides providing quality medication and treatment plans for kittens, Bayer enjoys continuous customer loyalty, owing to the renowned nature of its brand. The unique formula works very fast. In less than twenty-four hours, you will begin to see the changes in your little kitty.

Kittens with tapeworm infestations should consider trying out the dewormer because it’s not only useful in treating worms but also in taking care of the allergic reactions associated with worm blight.

One dosage provides a suitable amount required to eliminate the worms.

When administering the drug, make sure you keenly read the dosage requirements. Kittens weighing 4lbs should receive half the tablet. The single dosage will work effectively.


  • Praziquantel, an active constituent, works speedily in less than twenty-four hours to get rid of tapeworms in the kitten’s digestive system.
  • One or two tablets will provide more than enough dosage to deal with the infestation in case it reoccurs.


  • The high cost of purchasing the dewormer discourages some cat owners from acquiring the drug.

2. Bayer Drontal

The Bayer Company dedicates its resources toward providing safe and effective treatment for cats and kittens suffering from worm infestations. Bayer Drontal Broad Spectrum contains all the ingredients needed to tackle all the worm infestations affecting your little buddy.

The formula can eliminate hookworms, roundworms, as well as tapeworms living in the digestive system of a kitten. Besides, the medicine wipes out all the worms in one dosage. The dewormer contains praziquantel in 18.2 milligrams and pyrantel, in 72.6 milligrams.

Bayer Drontal dosages come in tablets. A single tub holds fifty doses. Buying the medication in bulk makes the drug a cost-effective option, particularly if you have many kittens to treat.


  • The long shelf-life of Bayer Drontal tablets guarantees potency for twenty-four months.
  • If you need a cost-effective option for many kittens, go for Bayer Drontal as the package contains fifty doses.
  • This medication treats a variety of worm infestations, including hookworms, tapeworms, and roundworms.


  • Cat owners with one or two kittens find the drug expensive.

3. Excel Roundworm

Excel contains one active constituent, Piperazine Citrate, that eliminates any roundworm blights in a matter of hours.

The creation of the drug in liquid form not only makes the administering process more straightforward but also guarantees faster absorption of the vital ingredient into the kitten’s bloodstream. Tablets will require more time and energy before getting absorbed into the blood.

When administering Excel to the cat, simply add a few drops to the meal, and make sure the kitty gobbles up the entire dosage. Most kittens will hardly chew up a tablet in the feeding bowl. Liquids, on the other hand, stays inconspicuous during the whole feeding time.

Kittens respond very well to liquid dosages, as compared to tablet ones. The instructions on the labeling recommend ¼ teaspoon of the solution for a kitty weighing 2.5lbs.

The manufacturer further recommends two doses, two weeks apart, and another dosage after one month to prevent the reoccurrence of an infestation.


  • Excel’s liquid formula works faster and more effectively compared to tablet dosages.
  • Administering liquid dosages comes with a guarantee that kittens will ingest the formula. Tablets, however, owing to their conspicuity, will hardly get swallowed.


  • Excel will only treat roundworm blights. Besides, it requires the cat owner to maintain consistency in administering doses, a process that could take up to a month.

4. ProSense

This liquid roundworm dewormer suits a cat owner interested in finding an effective drug for kittens and saving some funds in the process.

The affordability of ProSense makes it the perfect deworming option for both cat owners with lots of kittens to treat, as well as cat parents with one or two kittens to nurture.

Despite the affordability, the effectiveness of ProSense solutions remains unmatched. Piperazine citrate makes up the vital ingredient in the solution. You should only administer the dewormer to kittens aged above six weeks.

The ProSense bottle contains a small amount of dosage. The small quantity can only sustain one or two kitties. If you need to save your money and still provide an effective treatment plan to your little buddies, consider going for the ProSense formula.


  • Administering ProSense solutions takes up little of your time. The solution guarantees faster treatment and recovery. Just mix the liquid with the cat’s food and wait for the results to show.
  • The regular addition of the solution to the kitten’s meal minimizes the chances of re-infestation.
  • The affordability of ProSense makes it the perfect solution for pet owners working under strict budgets.


  • Some cat owners noted several side effects with the solution.

5. HomeoPet WRM

HomeoPet uses a whole new approach in eliminating different types of worms. Unlike other deworming agents that rely on harsh chemical agents to eradicate parasites in digestive systems, HomeoPet encourages a more natural approach.

Natural constituents provide the safest means of achieving a quick and healthy eradication of worms in the kitten’s body.

Harsh chemicals might even cause further complications to the digestive system of the kitten. Besides, a natural dewormer works best for any cat, regardless of the age.

Some cats experience different allergic reactions to chemical-based eliminators. Using a synthetic agent in handling worm blights will only harm the kitten.

Natural deworming agents come in to mitigate such factors and assure pet owners of continuing safety and stable health of the little felines.


  • HomeoPet contains purely natural constituents that effectively eliminate worms.
  • The dewormer works well for different types of worms.
  • You can administer the drug to kittens of all ages as well as older cats.


  • HomeoPet costs more compared to other deworming brands.

How to pick an effective kitten dewormer

No matter how hard we try as cat owners, we still find roadblocks in preventing worm infestations in kittens.

Primarily, worms find their way into the digestive tracts or intestines of kittens when feeding, drinking, and when playing around, particularly in the dirt outside, where different types of worms tend to find refuge.

Watching the kittens the entire time they play takes a lot of time and energy. When kittens play outside, they develop better interactive characters with other cats and people as well.

The only problem associated with allowing kittens to graze and play freely outside manifests in the deterioration of their health, a few days after ingesting tapeworms or hookworms from dirt.

Choosing the right deworming agent for your kitten might take some time, mainly if you hardly know the type of parasite affecting your little buddy, and the signs and symptoms that indicate the type of infestation.

Knowing the particular type of parasite affecting your kitty makes the acquisition process more manageable. Here are the three most common worms that affect kittens.


Tapeworm infestations occur when the kitten comes into contact with fleas carrying tapeworm roes. When ingested, tapeworms hasp on to the sides of the kitten’s intestines, to begin their destruction.

The entire time the tapeworm latches to the intestinal walls, the kitten gets stripped of the essential nutrients. Infestations cause different kinds of sicknesses and weight loss.

A higher number of fleas breeding around your homestead will cause an increased number of tapeworms.

Tapeworm segments sometimes find their way out of the kitten through fecal material. If you notice the sections, take the necessary precaution for effective treatment.

Besides, kittens infected with tapeworms tend to experience prolonged diarrhea as well as deprivation in appetite.


Make sure the litter boxes of your kittens are separated and sanitized correctly, to prevent the transmission of hookworms.

Kittens shed off hookworms through fecal material. When released, hookworms will quickly move from one kitten to another, mainly when kitties use the same litter box during egestion.

Besides, hookworms get into the kitten’s body when the little feline walks on dirt containing the worms.

The tiny nature of hookworms makes them invisible to a naked human eye. You should, therefore, provide the fecal sample to a veterinarian for observation.

Lesions will begin forming on the kitten’s tootsies on the very first days of the infection. Also, the deprivation of appetite, constipation, cough, and diarrhea will follow closely.

A hookworm infestation attacks the kitten and causes severe damage than any other type of worm. Make sure you treat the blight in the early stages, to avoid any fatalistic eventualities.


Most kittens experience infestations from roundworms, owing to their ease of transmission. Ensure you find a treatment plan for a roundworm blight at the earliest convenience.

Roundworm transmission occurs when a kitten feeds on roundworm roes. The common signs of roundworm blights include overall body weakness, loss of appetency, and bloating of the tummy.

Effective ways of preventing worm infestations

Sometimes worm invasions continue in kittens for long periods without showing outward signs or symptoms. Ensure the vet makes regular visits to your home to check out your little buddy for any blights.

Start by keeping your kittens indoors most of the time. Most cat owners wouldn’t agree to the idea, because kittens tend to move around so much, making it harder to contain them.

However, prevention is better than cure. Birds and rodents carry worms. Keeping your kittens as far away as possible from these carriers guarantees better chances for the kitten at staying healthy.


A worm-free kitten not only enjoys a healthy digestive system but also stays happy, with body functions and physiological processes working optimally.

Aside from affecting kittens, worms can spread to persons in direct contact with the felines. Make sure you adopt all the necessary measures to keep parasites away from your pets.

Always consult the veterinarian, especially when faced with a dilemma on the right dewormer to use and the best treatment plans for your little one.

Natural deworming agents work as effectively as prescribed options. A natural dewormer particularly comes in handy when administering medication to kittens experiencing different kinds of allergic reactions to chemical components.

The HomeoPet WRM Clear Dewormer constitutes the best natural ingredients needed to provide an effective treatment plan for any worm infection.

Unlike other synthetic dewormers that contain chemical agents, the HomeoPet constitutes natural elements that work effectively, by eliminating worms in the intestinal or digestive tracts.

No side effects will appear when you administer the deworming agent to your little feline. Besides, all the ingredients used come from natural sources, thus, the guarantee of safety.

The medication works perfectly in eradicating different types of worms, ranging from hookworms to tapeworms, and roundworms.

If you need an effective dewormer that guarantees not only the safety of your kitten but also improved health with the elimination of worms, then consider picking the affordable HomeoPet WRM Clear Dewormer.

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