Six To Seven Weeks

Six To Seven Weeks

By the seventh week, your kitten should be completely weaned and eating food from his bowl. Feed him a good quality wet kitten food and introduce him to dry kitten food as well. He will be very playful. Empty toilet rolls, straws, bottle tops and small boxes make great toys. Always supervise his play if you offer him for example, a ribbon, or shoelace. A paper bag makes a great first toy. Toss a tiny bit of catnip inside and watch him pounce!

Always keep plastic bags away from tiny kittens. They can become entangled and choke or try to eat the bag. Part of the processing of plastic includes fish oils or animal renderings, making these bags extremely attractive to a small kitten’s developing senses.

Play is very important for proper socialization of your kitten. Just like a human child, the more he plays and explores the more he will grow, mentally and physically. Also, while he eats, sit on the floor near him and gently talk to him, or even read to him. Cats are social animals and the more you interact with this little one the more socially developed he will become.

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